Kobra OEM

Kobra OEM


Do you like the looks of the Kobra oral surgery simulator? Wish it ran you software? Now you can, please send an inquiry for price to create a bundle with your software, or buy the system as is for experimentation. Price is for the full system including the latest Polhem haptic device, but without software. Cheaper in volume.

Kobra OEM is a haptic full simulator with a 3D display and full hardware, including computer with graphic card, interactive pedals and a haptic device (Polhem). Kobra OEM allows for collocation: to feel virtual objects where they are seen. This is achieved by combining a 3D monitor with a surface-reflective mirror and placing the haptic device workspace within the reflected image plane. The simulator includes an height adjustable motorized stand. It is ideal for developing your own haptic simulator application for industrial design, medic simulators or any project you think of.



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