About us

Haptikfabriken AB – The Swedish Haptics Factory is a company that will accelerate the production and distribution of high-quality 3D haptic devices for use in human-machine interface applications where the “sense-of-touch” adds value to the user experience. We will initially focus on the market for Virtual Reality (VR), medical, robotics surgery and dental simulators, robotics, accessibility and the research market. A first batch of products has already been manufactured and the first customer deliveries have been made.

The founders behind HaptikFabriken bring 30 years of experience from the field of Haptics research, development and commercialization working with world-leading research institutes and companies enabling for example surgeons to feel the full interaction forces, surfaces, textures and friction as they operate in a virtual environment and see the interaction where it is felt (colocation).

“The fundamental technology has been known in research for over 30 years but has not yet been widely adapted. Now is the time and we would like to be part of this new market opportunity”, says Jonas Forsslund, PhD and one of the founders of Haptikfabriken AB.


Jonas Forsslund

Researcher and developer focusing on advanced Human-computer interaction. He has a MSc in Computer Science and PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from KTH with two years at Stanford University Biorobotics and Surgery Simulation lab, creating for example woodenhaptics.

Specialties: Software design and architecture, 3D user interfaces, haptic feedback, mechanical and electronic design, open source strategies.


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Johan M Beskow

20 years of working experience in leading high tech companies providing the industry with reliable and high quality products within robotics, haptics, medical simulation and Virtual Reality.

Areas of interest: international business and management, marketing and sales, product research and development.


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Martin Flodin

Mostly focusing on web development these days, but eager to bring haptics to the web. CTO at Forsslund Systems before joining Haptikfabriken.

Has a MSc in Media technology and Engineering.

Interests: Web technology, virtual and augmented reality, user experience, open source


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Hans Forsslund

Has had a long career as a Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon. Among his positions he has served as head of the Oral and Maxillofacial department and Ophthalmology department at Visby County Hospital in Gotland.


Visiting address

We are located in cosy Sundbyberg, Sweden just outside Stockholm. We do some assembly as well as prototyping in the office. Please come visit us for a demonstration if you are in the neighbourhood. We can also come to you, if you prefer – please contact us in that case.

Haptikfabriken AB
Hamngatan 22 B
172 66 Sundbyberg