3D Haptic Hardware


Buy our Polhem haptics device today or let us know what specific requirments you have.

We make “state of the art” haptic devices for your specific applications. 

High Quality Mechanics and Controls

Our professional devices are made to last! While taking advantage of modern fabrication methods we can keep costs competitive. 

We take advantage of recent developments in high-speed microcontrollers and can offer open source firmware and drivers for full control.


We can produce customized versions of our haptic devices, even in short series. We could even realize your own design. Connect to discuss an R&D project!


We can make your design idea real.

We know many innovators come from a software background, so does we! With over 10 years experience in developing a commercial surgery simulator, we know how important it is to match a great software product with great hardware and holistic product aestetics. We are happy to help create a full product offering together with you.

Why Haptikfabriken?

We created Haptikfabriken mainly because there was a need for a modern, high-quality yet cost-effective 3D haptic device for use in the oral surgery simulator named Kobra, that our parent company Forsslund Systems AB had been developing the last ten years. We think there is a larger need for both off-the-shelf haptic devices as well as customizations and full systems offerings for turn-key solutions to other applications.


When possible we like to share in order to collectively advance the haptics field. For example we offer the fully open source WoodenHaptics haptic device. We make all our devices fully supported in Linux as well as Windows and Mac. Naturally we also understand business need for proprietarity and confidentiality. We are happy to offer proprietary licenses for those that need it.


We care about you and your customers. Therefore you will have direct access to our development team of engineers as well as business needs. Feel free to contact Haptikfabriken founder Dr. Jonas Forsslund directly at jonas.forsslund@haptikfabriken.com!


Would you like to focus on software? We are happy to drop-ship to your customers. Our founders have long experience shipping custom systems world-wide. We like simplicity and transparency.


While we are a hardware company, we have our roots in software engineering. This allows for fast integration and short development cycles for R&D projects.  The hardware engineering skills was derived from research practice at Stanford University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. We also work with top mechanical engineering consultants and researchers.


Kobra Oral Surgery Simulator

The Polhem haptic devices was fully integrated in the new Kobra Oral Surgery simulator, and first sold to Taichung Medical University, Taiwan in May 2019. Read more on www.kobrasimulator.com. We are happy to offer similar solutions to other customers.


The mirrored 3D monitor is placed in a position that the user sees the dental haptic device where they feel the contact with the virtual patient, so called co-location


The control screen to the right in the picture is in fact a tablet computer running a full-screen app that communicates seamlessly with the simulator over a local network.


One power cord and one optional network cord is all you need to connect. The computer and all other electronics are hidden within the custom-made enclosure.


The simulator is mounted on top of a fully integrated electrically height-adjustable stand, for optimal ergonomics. 

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