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Surgeons need to warm up

Like people in sports; -always warming up before performing… maybe also surgeons should find a way of getting a bit of “warm-up-exercise” before they go into surgery action. Here we see a good example where our Polhem haptics come in handy, together with the VES, Visable Ear Surgery simulator from Denmark. If you would like…
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Additional fund raising and new Partner

Haptikfabriken AB has raised additional funds and welcomes Dr. Jonas Moll as new partner in the company. The new funds will be used towards the next iteration of Polhem, making it even more robust and improved manufacturability. The improvements will be announced in Q1 2022. Dr Moll is an assistant professor at Örebro University and…
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Polhem haptics at dental university

Polhem has been delivered to Spain and the ADEMA Dental school of La Escuela Universitaria in Palma de Mallorca. Polhem has been installed together with the Virteasy suite of dental simulator software and will give the user an experience of high fidelity haptics with a stiffness matched to the real experience of drilling. The installation…
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Quad-Buffered OpenGL 3D Vision On a Laptop

Nvidia 3D vision is (or was…) a cost-effective way to get stereoscopic 3D on an ordinary gaming PC in windows, or with a professional Quadro graphics card, to do the same in Linux. One cool thing it can be used for is to run a Co-location Display, where haptics and visual imagery is co-located so…
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In a previous post we discussed H3DAPI as a useful API for creating visuo-haptic applications. Another great API is Chai3D. I use it for most small applications I develop these days. It is a smaller framework and rely on purely imperative C++. Together with the single-file examples it makes it straight-forward to transit from getting-started…
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H3DAPI and Haptikfabriken API

Building a graphics & haptics application is greatly simplified with the use of an API designed specifically for taking the advantage of 3D haptics. One such API is H3DAPI, developed by SenseGraphics, a subsidy of SurgicalScience. Fun note, SenseGraphics’ headquarter is only a few kilometers from Forsslund Systems here in Stockholm county, Sweden, so you…
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Polhem at Elmia Subcontractor

Forsslund Systems office is located in Sundbyberg, in northern Stockholm, and by coincidence you can take a short walk along the lake and arrive at another cool company; Stork Drives. They are a subsidiary of Maxon Motors in Switzerland, which makes the high precision motors  and we use in our haptic devices. Last week they…
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Best Demo Award at EuroVR

On October 23, 2019, we officially displayed the Polhem haptic device for the first time, during Euro VR 2019, which was held in Tallin, Estonia. The demo went very well and we received the best demo award. Most popular among the applications we displayed was a simulation of virtual boxes that could be lifted up, stacked…
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EuroVR 2019

We are introducing the new haptic device Polhem in a first public pre-view at EuroVR 2019! Come visit us in the demo exhibition. See page here: Haptikfabriken main page for a closer look at the device. Full paper here:

Exhibiting at TEI 2018

Today we are exhibiting at TEI Conference 2018. It is a sneak preview of what is coming, in addition to showing the ever popular WoodenHaptics + Chai 3D virtual vinyl record scratching demo.