Month: December 2021

Haptikfabriken participated in a recent Vinnova-funded project!

Haptikfabriken, through Jonas Forsslund, acted as a consultancy company in a Vinnova-funded project that started in November 2019 and ended this year in May. The aim of the project was to develop new digital multimodal learning environments in which visually impaired and sighted pupils in high school should be able to do group work together.…
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Additional fund raising and new Partner

Haptikfabriken AB has raised additional funds and welcomes Dr. Jonas Moll as new partner in the company. The new funds will be used towards the next iteration of Polhem, making it even more robust and improved manufacturability. The improvements will be announced in Q1 2022. Dr Moll is an assistant professor at Örebro University and…
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